09-11. Chiolite #2.

The structure of this crystal of chiolite takes on the look of an ethnic folk dance performance on a stage somewhere in the Ural mountains. Busy mineral indeed!

From a resource by Jacoboni, Leble, and Rousseau



05-25. Iolite – cordierite #5

The is something so unique about the iolite structure – I could use it as an endless source of inspiration if I was a sculptor!

From a resource by Sokol, Seryotkin and Bul’bak. Cordierite from the Murzinka pegmatite field, Middle Ural Mountains, Russia.


05-11. Tourmaline-Dravite

05-11. Tourmaline – dravite #5.

From a resource by Hughes, Rakovan, Ertl, Rossman, Baksheev and Bernhardt.

Triclinic Ni-bearing dravite from Berezovskoe, Middle Urals, Russia.



02-18. Chrysoberyl #7.

Chrysoberyl as fruits on a vine! So it looks like from the database resource of S. Weber, M. Grodzicki, W. Lottermoser, G. Redhammer, G. Tippelt,  J. Ponahlo & G. Amthauer.

This is a composition after their calculation of the electronic structure of a natural alexandrite from Malyshevo in the Ural mountains, Russia. Nice way to end the week!