11-17 & 16

11-17. Aragonite #6.
From a resource by A Dal Negro and L. Ungaretti.

Refinement of the crystal structure of an aragonite from Vertaizon-Alvernia, France.


11-16. Aragonite #5.

For some reason 11-16 is not showing. Since I can’t break the blog structure, here it is along with 11-17 – Crystal structure of the Aragonite.
From a resource by Y. Ye, J. Smyt, and P. Boni



11-12. Aragonite #1.

Aragonite. From the kingdom of Aragon to the Caves of New Mexico and the ocean in between, aragonite is going to be the mineral for week #46. Aragonite is the main component of many organic substances, such as pearl and coral and has been successfully tested for the removal of pollutants from contaminated wastewaters. Its crystal is orthorhombic, dipyramidal and has a Pm symmetry.