08-05. Kaolinite #7.

A mineral with a sense of humor!

Kaolinite geometry lends itself well to some mathematical fun. Maybe a very subjective interpretation of the crystal shape – but in my mind, it fits quite naturally iin paper making production.

The polyhedra chain at the bottom of the image: a kaolin ream of paper. The two central motives: the same ream of paper cut in 8×10 sheets of paper neatly stacked on top of each other.

Credit should go to VESTA artistic side and its very inspiring mineral modeling visualization.

From a resource by Bish and Von Dreele.



08-04. Kaolinite #6.

The Kaolinite crystal has a simple double triangle geometry – or maybe not that simple design-wise if you let symmetry and tessellation take over. Another gift of nature for us to grab if we know where to look.

From a resource by W. Gruner.



08-03. Kaolinite #5.

Kaoline puts me again in an origami state of mind. The vertices arrangement of its geometry and the prominent double triangle may have something to do with it.



08-02. Kaolinite #4.

Two types of kaolinite in one triptych-like view of the crystal structure. Kaolinite crystal is mostly transparent and the color comes from the inclusions.



08-01. Kaolinite #3.

Dream day for a kaolinite.

What’s remarkable about the crystal geometry is that it may be packed and very busy, it always ends being of one piece and comfortable in whatever situation it is in.

From a resource by D.L. Bish.