About the site

2020 – Knot Geometry:

The Knot geometry project is a follow up on this site of the 52 grains of sand project, one knot a week for 52 weeks around the globe!

Knots come in many shapes and forms. What separate the mathematical knot from the regular tie knot, shoe knot, or sailor’s knot for that matter is that it is self contain, whereas the others have two ends. The unknot, the ultimate prime knot, a circle or a tours is also like the equator line circling the globe in one perfect unknot. From mathematical knots to nautical knots the transition was easy and I use them both for inspiration throughout the project.

2017 – 52 grains of sand – Geometry of Nature

52 grains of sand – a blend of Mathematics, Applied Sciences, and Art structured after the 12-30 project1 image a day, 1 crystal/quartz a week for 52 weeks, Jan 1st –  Dec 31st, 2017. 

Each image originates in a selection of scientific files hosted by the Department of Geoscience at the University of Arizona in Tucson. I explore the geometry of the mineral and its properties in the VESTA software and finalize the images in various 2D and 3D graphics editors. 

A more in-depth technical description of the minerals] can be found on Mindat.org, Mineralierenatlas.de, and GIA.edu. I thank them for the quality of their information.