Braid, symmetry, and quantum physics

A bead curtain? At first, nothing exceptional.

Actually it is a 21 string braid made of 1033 beads. Sailing this week in the middle of the Pacific, with 90% humidity , vapor lines must be raising like hazy braided curtains, a good segue for the Knot-Geometry project!

In mathematics, a braid is an intertwining of some number of strings attached to top and bottom “bars” such that each string never “turns back up.” This arrangement belongs to the Artin braid group and display a symmetry that can expand to infinity.

A little like the background, a simple view of the ocean, the sky and some clouds. I converted a generic view of the ocean into a more abstract figure. The original is included in my Patreon portfolio, wind map #18.

More on Patreon and the knot geometry project @


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