Of spirals and cyclones

Cyclones. They can be messy. They are characterized by spiral patterns.

Spirals, going back to the beginning of time,  can be found in every culture, worldwide. Was the symbol created out of fear? Out of respect? We’ll never know. 

However, the mathematical spiral knot,  the trefoil knot – cousin of the Triskelion, soars like an elegant signature, or maybe the ghost of a weightless dancer twirling and turning on itself.

Simple, minimal and graceful, the spiral knot can also signal chaos and destruction in the order of things. However, unlike many knots, the trefoil knot get all unknotted in the 4th Dimension. Just like cyclones – they appear, grow, create havoc and die out.

An intriguing connection between spirals, spiral knots, cyclones and cultural symbols.


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