Gueta knot

5,000 miles from Null, from the land of the Muisca, a set Gueta gold earring knots. Gueta means 20 in the local language. A 10.10 knot was good fit. Starting with a 10.10 braid pattern scripted by Tom Verhoeff that I positioned in the background of a pre-Columbian – like structure, I explored a 10.10 knot geometry and discovered this intriguing shape matching perfectly the location I’m flying over this week, 2 (nautical) knots per hour.

The Muisca had so much gold, they were thought to be the real inhabitants of the mythical Eldorado.

Maybe not a coincidence, the Muisca territory is in Colombia, Putumayo national park. Coming from the Quechua language, putumayo means spring-forth or burst out. A little like what some of us are feeling like this week.

More details on the Knot-Geomerty project and the Gueta knot on Patreon


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