The legend of Baku

I’ve had a hard time focusing on my Knot-geometry project this week, for reasons we all know & share.

However, I am sailing over the Japura river by now. This area of the Amazon at the edge of the  Brazil – Colombia border has a very large concentration of tapirs. Tapir have for unique feature four toes on the front feet and three on the hind feet. Great for an all-terrain run stability. That’s where I found my bridge to a 4 and 3 Conway knot visualization.

The background is a repeat tiling of Conway notation 4 and  the two knots (4&3) were done in stereography,  to give an idea of what an abstract representation of a tapir emerging from  its frame could look like.

Even better, as Do- Mana explains, tapirs are mythical creatures in many Asian lores known for devouring bad dreams and nightmares. Very timely indeed.



Thanks for the input

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