A very old knot

Sailing over the Sao Marcos reservation this week, I had a glimpse of the top and the famous Caverna da Pedra Pintada (Painted Rock Cave ) where petroglyphs were found, dating back 11, 000 years ago.

It gave me the idea to explore the shape of the oldest recorded knot in history, the Ryssänsolmu featured on the Antrea net found in Finland’s Karelian basin and dating back to the mesolithic Stone Age.

Still used in many places today ( also called the truss knot, pack or butcher’s knot), in knot theory it converts into a 6.2 knot, one of three prime knots with crossing number six. 

It will be my small contribution to our common ancestors and petroglyph art through the ages.

More details on the 6.2 knot and the Knot geometry project  @http://bit.ly/knotgeometry


Thanks for the input

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