The 10.136 knot

The 10.136 knot. Fitting knot if anything to celebrate my actual position, as I am approaching the Amazon river estuary  in this 52 week Knot Geometry journey along the equator line.

10.136. If one count all the many  tributaries that contribute to this mythical river, we may come close to that number. I used an Amazon-like color scheme for this illustration: from black coffee to cappuccino white and all the variations in between.

Coincidentally, 10.136 is also the number of a poem found in the  ancient Sanskrit,  Rig Veda. As I am not indifferent to the news around us, I’ll dedicate to you all this uplifting quote: “Following the wind’s swift course, go where the gods have gone before and behold our natural bodies.”


Thanks for the input

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