Knot story


Jan. 1st, 2020. 400 knots a week

Like many of you, I’ve been a long time WordPress content creator & user.

Simple, clean and robust, I tolerated their putting ads on my site, nothing is really for free, I guess. Big conundrum lately – no more free site option on WP. What shall I do for my upcoming 2020 project? Can’t use the old sites templates, and I’m not ready to pay a fee either. The next to best thing to do is to take the plunge and move to Patreon   I got the idea from Tatiana Aleksina & Tony Single. Thanks for it guys!

I’ll be maintaining & updating each of my WP sites as needed to give you updates relevant to each particular project. Otherwise, join me on my new home for a one knot a week for 52 week project that will take us sailing around the planet Earth for the entire year.

I’ll be missing you WordPress, thanks for having been such a pleasant host all these years. And to all, thanks again for your long following & support. Best to each one of you in 2020

Jean Constant

Thanks for the input

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