12-17. Piypite #1.

This is what it takes for nature to create a mineral grass blade!

Piypate is a very unusual mineral that grows in tiny green crystal blades bunch. It was first found in 1982 in the confine of Russia by the sea of Bering, very close to China and Japan. Some Piypite has also been found near Napoli, Italy, since. It’s named after Boris Ivanovich Piyp, vulcanologist, and past director of the Russian Far Eastern Institute of Volcanology.

This tetragonal-pyramidal mineral contains copper, oxygen, potassium, and sulfur. I mention its chemical composition because last week, green atoms (CI-Chlorine) were prevalent in the Vanadinite crystal and gave us a warm, red mineral. This week red atoms (O- Oxygen) create a green crystal. Nature has a way to handle color that we still have a lot to learn from!


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