11-19. Gold #1.

Gold. So pervasive in our culture, sometimes we forget it starts with a mineral – and a pretty one at that! In its crystal form, it is isometric and comes in octahedral or dodecahedral form.

Gold has been used by mankind for thousands of years and found its way even in geometry. Aristotle used gold symbolism when referring to what is now known as the golden mean. Similarly, gold is associated with perfection as in the golden ratio or the golden rule. Gold is thought to come from the collision of neutron stars and was present in the dust from which the Solar System originates.

Unexpectedly, of the 46 minerals I studied so far, it has been one of my hardest design to produce. Its atoms’ symmetry is simple. No polyhedra in R. Wyckoff’s resource file I’m using, yet I had to go through several completely different designs before getting it right. Is there a secret magic in gold’s appearance? Is my designer’s mind affected by its history and many practices over time? Gold is supposed to be the color of adventure, success, and power. I can only go forward from there – I’ll make for an interesting week!


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