10-22. Celestine #1.

Cyrilovite, Celestine – minerals come in nice and exotic names sometimes!
Celestine, – or celestite as it is also called, is a playful mineral often found trapped in geodes. Which is strange since it gets its name from Latin – Celestis or sky.  Maybe it’s bluish glow, or maybe because the strontium in it is used in fireworks?

Celestine can be found in small quantities, pretty much all around the world. Its crystal belongs to the orthorhombic system and its symmetry is Pnma. The biggest one so far is 18 inches wide and weigh 300 pounds. A piece of the sky fell to earth!

Its chemical profile is SrSO4. So, here is a Celestine Haiku, thanks to the ingenious periodic table of scientist and poet Mary Soon Lee.


I strive for indépendance
Sweet days are long gone
Yet, I still can’t spell your name

Visualization from a resource by Miyake, Minato, Morikawa, and Iwai


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