10-15. Cyrilovite #1.

A Cyrilovite from Cyrilov, Moravia – that’s a poetic and mysterious sounding name to start this week’s exploration of the geometry of Nature. Yellow to green, transparent to brown, Cyrilovite has a tetragonal structure with a P4 symmetry. It was discovered in 1953 in the Czech Republic.

Some say it carries with it a notion of respect, honor, and compassion. Are minerals projecting their properties onto humans or are humans projecting their wishes in minerals?

Well fitting with this week’s info background, a dear friend of mine sent me a link to a wonderful Chem-Haiku site. So here is the haiku of the week based on the chemical composition of the Cyrilovite. Thank you Mary Soon Lee for making the Periodic table so poetic and thank you, Tatiana, for being such a resourceful muse!

Cyrilovite chemical profile

Cyrilovite Haiku

Racing to trigger
every kiss, every kind act,
Servant, friend and partner

Radiant child
most of me is you
fundamental, essential.

Water, life.
Fuel for the stars




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