08-27. Kornerupine #1.

Coming from the land of the green – Kornerupine is the mineral of week 35.

And no I didn’t choose the crystal structure frame – the frame chose me! This pattern comes from the simple repetitive symmetry of the polyhedra. It also comes very close to indigenous local tradition in Greenland. Interesting coincidence knowing that Kornerupine is a tiny and very rare mineral first identified in SouthWest Greenland in the late 1800s. 

Some have been found since in Kenya, Australia, and Myanmar, Tanzania, and Madagascar.

This mineral is transparent to green-yellow and comes in long orthorhombic prisms. Its symmetry is Cmcm – no rotations and reflection axes parallel – a type of symmetry found in Assyria and ancient Egypt design and also at the Alhambra in Spain – and even today in Greenland local bead work.


Thanks for the input

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