07-16. Agricolaite #1.

To stay with minerals named after famous people, I’ll study the Agricolaite this week, a Bohemian crystal named after Georgius Agricola. Georg Bauer (Agricola in Latin) was a German scientist from the mid-1400’s that many call the “father of mineralogy” because of the many books he wrote on the subject.

Agricolaite is a yellow green, monoclinic crystal of symmetry B2/b. It comes in tiny, microscopic clusters.  Its geometry makes its core triangle pattern somehow look like a soliton, a unique, self-contained mathematical figure.

So far, Agricolaite has only been found in central Europe. It has been located, identified and approved as a unique crystal in 2010.

Not related, there is also a famous Central Europe board game called Agricola. It is a resource management game. Something the Agricolaite had to face too being that small in the larger mineral universe!


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