07-14. Goethite #6.

So I am working on this composition and can’t find a background that fits. I try and I try – nothing. I’m thinking – to counterbalance the geometry of the Goethite crystal and the mechanical feel of this clean pattern, why not bring in something completely opposite and organic – like flowers? I look for flower patterns on Google and before I know, I am scanning through Japanese screens from the Edo period. I think – nice – that will be a subtle way to bring the VESTA programmers in the visualization. Most of this program’s coders are Japanese, I assume. I’ve already noticed a definite cultural signature in the program you don’t find in the US or European programs. AI tend to acquire the sensitivity of their makers, especially in the visual field.

So now, I’m working at integrating my Japanese Edo screen in the visualization and out of curiosity, I look for the name of the flower being depicted. Chrysanthemum it is – and it gets even better! I find that Goethe wrote about it in a book called “The Metamorphosis of Plants“.

I guess that how art is being made. Thanks for the inspiration Johann-Wolfgang. Now, how this mineral ended being named after you, it’s for someone else to tell…



Thanks for the input

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