06-25. Natrolite #1.

Natrolite. An odd little mineral that looks like the back of a porcupine! It will be the mineral of week 26 of this 1/2 way done, tour of Geometry of planet Earth.

Natrolite got its name in 1803 from German chemist Martin H. Klaprot. It is an orthorhombic crystal, transparent, translucent and of symmetry Fdd2. Natrolite and the larger family of Zeolites crystals assist the environment by absorbing toxic products. Today it is used in water purifiers and chemical filters.

It is found in Australia, Germany, India, Russia, the Czech Republic and the USA. It seems to be another mineral that meets my strange findings relating to mineral, culture, and people.  Here – courtesy of Minerals.net : “In the “Garden State” New Jersey, very large crystals up to 10 cm; in Australia, rounded spiky puffs come from Cape Grim, Tasmania; white slender crystal groups from Puy de Marmant, Puy de Dôme, France; white and light pink needle sprays from Piz. Sella, Bolzano Province, Italy”….Broad archetypes I know, but still, interesting connection…


Thanks for the input

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