03-16. Muscovite #5.

Call it coincidence – I did my work without checking first the provenance of this muscovite studied by Brigatti, Frigieri & Poppi. Pegmatite from Antarctica it was! Now I know the why of this  “icy” look.

I build my images focusing on the geometry of the crystals, the dynamic of its lines, or the color schemes the design calls for, without a predefined idea of what to do or how to do it.

I rely entirely on the RRUFF database and the VESTA program to guide my initial steps.

Often, I find that my visuals connect with some aspect of the geography, culture or history of the mineral’s original location. I don’t know if I should put any meaning into it – but it keeps happening time and again. And it’s very gratifying when it happens!

The hardest part for me now that I am very conscious of it – is not cheating. Checking the mineral origin before I complete the image is very tempting of course.

The subconscious is a fragile flower – it can be very easily influenced. I’ll try to stay the course.


Thanks for the input

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