02-26. Andalusite #1.

Andalusite – a crystal that sounds like music for week #9 of this 52 weeks tour of the Geometry of Nature!

Andalusite is a pink-violet metamorphic mineral of the orthorhombic family. It has a double refractivity and a very pronounced level of pleochroism which results in showing different colors when viewed from different angles. It was first identified near the Malaga area in Spain in the mid-1700s. However, it can be found around the world in places like Australia, Asia or South Africa.

Andalusite is sometimes referred to as the “Seeing Stone”. It earned this name due to its metaphysical ability to see various aspects of a character. Visually, there is an odd and subtle pattern in this seemingly chaotic arrangement of the atoms. Could it be related to the birth of Flamenco?

Database resource by J. Winter and S. Ghose.


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