02-05. Beryl #1.

Beryl will be the crystal of this week in this 52-week tour of the Geometry of nature. A tall order if anything – emerald, aquamarines are all variation of the beryl structure.

Rather than focus into one particular mineral, I will explore the generic structure of Beryl samples from around the world.

Beryl is a relatively rare hexagonal silicate mineral. Pure Beryl is colorless. Traces of different impurities are responsible for the color diversity and varieties. Roman author Pliny advised powdered beryl to cure eye injuries – a good tip for designers!  Another lore claims it helps fight laziness – another great tip for designers – and many other – working on a deadline!

The first beryl structure I’ll use this week is coming from a mineral found in Taos, New Mexico. Whether coincidence or choice, the color of the different elements of that particular structure were all set in a scheme of bright primaries that locals from that part of the world and mariachi bands are so fond of. Could it be another example of art being subconsciously influenced by the nature surrounding it? Database resource by G. Brown and B. Mills.


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