01-22- Jade #1.

Transitioning from red to green – this week, I’m exploring jadeite.

This crystal has a complex and beautiful monoclinic structure and is distinguished by its hardness and density. In Chinese, Jade is known as “yu”, which means “heavenly” or “imperial”. In Feng Shui, jadeite is thought to influence prosperity and health. On the American continent, jade artifacts can be found as far back as the Olmec and the Maya cultures. Not all jadeite is green. It can ranges in color from orange, yellow, lavender, gray and black – which makes it interesting from a designer’s perspective.

Curiously, the program brought in some unexpected cultural references I didn’t foresee. I kept them- I have a week to sort it out! The initial background is composed of 28,548 atoms, 57,519 bonds, 2308 polyhedra. Source database by C. Prewitt & C. Burnham.

52 grains of sand

Thanks for the input

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