Update #5

To celebrate the upcoming NanoArt-ICPAM12 conference in Heraklion Crete, volume 4 of the Math-Art series will be available for free on GoogleBook 08/27-09/03 @http://bit.ly/RiemannManifolds

Have a great Labor Day week end!



2018, update #4

“52 grains of Sand” on the Mediterranean shores next September.

5th International NanoArt exhibit & conference at the Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Heraklion, Greece, September 22 – 28, 2018. More information @http://nanoart21.org/international-festival-of-nanoart/


2018, update #3

52 grains of sand – Geometry of Nature. A visual journey through the geometry of 52 minerals. 365 illustrations plus revised text.

Now available in print on Amazon.com

at https://goo.gl/sUL1SE

Also, small, medium, and large size – paper or canvas prints of the individual images portfolio

Now available on Saatchi-Art at Jean Constant, collection, Geometry of Nature.

or https://goo.gl/h7LrSY


2018, update #2

After a year exploring the geometry of nature through the beautiful and so well-organized structure of 52 minerals, randomness seems like an intriguing challenge for 2018.

If you’re interested to follow me on my next project, you’re welcome to join me on next blog – Stochastic Art


stocha-pr copy

Square-circle recursion


2018 update

The Geometry of Nature project is starting to move around.

An article I wrote after the work I did on 02-03  has been just been published by IGI-Global under the title The Four-Color Theorem and the Geometry of Nature



12-31. Diamond.

Project done!

Something I was curious about and wanted to share with you. 

I was tempted all week to go back to the first week of January, but I waited till I today to see how my work evolved from day #1 to day #365. Top line, the first 3 diamond crystal images I created back the first week of Jan. 2017. Bottom line, 3 of the diamond series I sketched, week of Dec. 24-30, 2017. In between, 364 days working one image a day in the VESTA program.

Quite an adventure! Next? A selection of the posts you liked best on SaatchiArt, a book with all the images following the 12-30 project format, and maybe, a new imaging project too.

Thank you for having followed me this year again. Wishing you all a Happy New year and a very productive 2018.



12-30. Diamond(b) #07

Last diamond of the series, last series of the year!

I wanted to close with a resource from R. W.G Wyckoff.

R. Wyckoff is an American scientist and pioneer of X-ray crystallography who professor of microbiology and physics at the University of Arizona in Tucson in the early 1960’. I used several of his resources over the year, always a little anxious working with information going back so far in time.

This particular resource dated 1963 is a credit both to the quality of his work and the significance of his research that looks as new today as it did when it was completed

Original resource: Wyckoff R W G, Crystal Structures 1 (1963)